Where the Murumbidgee flows down from the Snowies. The water is cool and the air is crisp. There is a time when you need to jump. Come on in join us upstream. Let the water rush over you. Surrender to the current, enjoy the ride.
It’s Big River time.


A distilled gin made in the traditional London Dry style with some Aussie botanical assistance.

Juniper forward with a mesh of citrus characters from coriander, lime, navel oranges and Australian lemon myrtle. Hops give the gin an aroma with an ephemeral, floral lift. The traditional gin botanicals of cassia, liquorice and angelica root provide an earthy background and Australian mountain pepperleaf adds some savoury, spicy notes. The palate is intense with the juniper asserting itself. The long, dry finish is freshened up with a hint of cucumber.


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