Pink Gin 700ml 40% ABV


Citrus is absent from the botanical list, and the juniper is dialled back in this apple & cinnamon flavoured gin. In addition to true cinnamon, the spices clove, nutmeg and star anise are each distilled individually and then added back at an appropriate concentration to the juniper base to create this spicy take on a traditional gin.

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Using the traditional pink gin cocktail as inspiration, this dry gin brings together rhubarb, vanilla and ginger. The flavour experience opens with an initial scent of juniper followed by the rhubarb which produces a fruit compote aroma. On the palate, the prominent vanilla creates the perception of sweetness that compliments the juniper flavours very well. Ginger adds a gentle spice to the finish.

We recommend trying this gin with an aromatic tonic water to enjoy the interplay between the hint of bitterness in the tonic with the subtle sweetness of the vanilla in the gin.

Alternatively, serve this pink gin muddled with a fresh strawberry and your favourite tonic.

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