The Australian Gin Awards

Big River is now officially an awarding winning distillery with its Canberra Dry Gin picking up a silver medal at the inaugural Australian Gin Awards in February.

Award Shows are funny things. Worldwide there are many of them (The World Drinks Awards have 22 different shows!) and getting a medal in some of them may not be worth much more than the fake metallic foil they are printed on.  The Australia Gin Awards is a new show on the Australian scene and has Australia’s whisky legend Bill Lark on the panel, so it does carry some authority.

Big River founder Clyde says, “At the end of the day, what matters to me most is the feedback at my Distillery Door, tasting the gin as you would consume it in a cocktail. But it is also rewarding to be judged favourably on technical grounds with others in a more formal environment. “

New batch of 3 Grains Flavoured Vodka:

Big River’s distiller likes to experiment.  He has been working on refinement of the 3 Grains Flavoured Vodka and is very happy with the second batch, just released.  More interaction between the spirit and copper in the still has better balanced the smoky character with the grain aromas.  It’s back in the tasting line-up at the Distillery Door so come on in and try it.  Tasting notes and a serving suggestion are given below.

3 Grains Flavoured Vodka Tasting notes:

Aroma: Lifted grainy aroma with a nutty, slightly smoky background gives it an edgy character.  As it opens up in the glass you get a faint shaved-chocolate character from the buckwheat.

Taste:  Smooth upon entry, flavours of grain, bread and yeast, with a spicy mid-palate due to the rye and the spirit in combination.  A rounded mouthfeel, slightly viscous, a clean finish with a pleasant after taste.

Cocktail of the Month:

Russian Caravan tea & vodka cocktail

The smoky character from Russian Caravan tea compliments the smoky, grainy flavours of the 3 Grains Flavoured Vodka

45 mL Big River 3 Grains Flavoured Vodka

45 mL Russian Caravan tea

brown sugar to taste

5 mL lemon juice

4 drops of Angostura bitters

Soda water for topping off

  1. Prepare the tea in the usual fashion, add brown sugar to taste before chilling
  2. In an old fashioned glass, combine chilled tea, vodka, lemon juice and bitters
  3. Add ice and stir again
  4. Top off drink with soda, if required, and garnish with lemon peel

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